Dutch Cancer Society Grant for the team of Annemiek van Spriel

Annemiek van Spriel, together with Laia Querol-Cano and Carl Figdor, obtained a research grant for the Dutch Cancer Society (707,298 Euro) to study the cell surface of cancer cells. Immunotherapy using antibodies targeting the cell surface has led to important clinical advances in patients with cancer. Still, clinical responses of antibody-based therapies are limited to approximately 20-30% of cancer patients even in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. One of the major scientific challenges in the oncology field is to increase our understanding why tumor cells escape from therapeutic antibodies.

 The aim of this project is to decipher how cell surface organization determines the efficacy of therapeutic antibodies against cancer. This will provide molecular and biological insight into the underlying mechanisms of antibody resistance, and facilitate development of a new class of therapeutic that modulates tumor cell surface organization.

There are 2 PhD student positions available, please contact Annemiek van Spriel (Annemiek.vanspriel@radboudumc.nl) if you are interested!