Best Master's Thesis for Felix Fenneman

The Master's thesis is a proof of the ability of a Master's student to perform scientific research and to present his/her findings in a clear and concise manner.

Yearly RIMLS gives an award to the most outstanding Master's dissertation. 

Felix: During my master internship under the supervision of Carl Figdor, Martijn Verdoes and Bas van der Schoot I worked on a chemical approach for site-directed modification of dendritic cell targeting therapeutic antibodies. In my internship report I was able to describe the process ranging from synthesizing chemically modified tumor antigens up to the successful in vitro application of antibody-antigen complexes as a dendritic cell vaccine.
My inspiring supervisors, the high scientific standard of the tumor immunology lab and the pleasant working atmosphere greatly enhanced my enthusiasm for the project and made it possible to produce some interesting results.