• Spriel Annemiek Van
    UHD Annemiek van Spriel
    Dr. Annemiek van Spriel, Dept. of Tumor Immunology, theme Cancer development and immune defence has been appointed Associate Professor in Immune Cell Signaling.
  • AvSpriel
    KWF grant for Annemiek van Spriel
    KWF Grant for Tetraspanin Research Dr. Annemiek van Spriel has been awarded a KWF Grant (566,000 euro) by the Dutch Cancer Society for her work on Tetraspanin CD37 in B cell lymphoma. Read more...
  • Ansems, Marleen Embo
    Veni for Marleen Ansems
    Marleen Ansems has been awarded a Veni grant of 250,000 euro from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) for her project entitled "Nuclear receptors in dendritic cell biology: it's time to foster the orphans".
  • Cambi, Alessandra
    ATK grant for Alessandra Cambi
    Alessandra Cambi received a grant from the stichting Afweer Tegen Kanker (ATK) for her project entitled: Nutritional support during dendritic cell-based anti-tumor immunotherapy combined to platinum chemotherapy: a role for dietary fatty acids?
  • Tumor Immunology on TV News
    In the eight o`clock news from May 8, 2014 Prof.dr. Jolanda de Vries gave an interview about training the killer cells and DC vaccination and their good results, see link.
  • Cambi, Alessandra
    UHD Alessandra Cambi
    Dr. Alessandra Cambi has received the UHD position on Nano-Immunology.
  • Figdor, Carl
    Zwaartekracht Grant
    The Zwaartekracht grant was awarded to a consortium, in which Carl Figdor participated as one of the co-applicants. Read more...
  • TIL in the newspapers
    Ons eigen immuunsysteem wordt steeds vaker in stelling gebracht tegen ziektes. Een extra zetje blijkt soms voldoende. Nijmeegse wetenschappers zijn optimistisch. “Kanker genezen komt zelden voor. Maar ik ben ervan overtuigd dat we de ziekte de komende tien jaar beter onder controle gaan krijgen.”
  • Vries, Jolanda de
    Jolanda de Vries got VICI grant
    Jolanda de Vries got a VICI grant to 'train' dendritic cells to evoke an immune response towards cancer.
  • Brok den, Martijn
    KWF grant of 560 kEuro
    Gosse Adema and Martijn den Brok have received a 560 kE KWF Grant. The title of the grant is: Saponin-based adjuvants in anti-tumor immunity: a role for lipid bodies in adjuvanticity?
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