3 Cum Laude Graduations


I followed the masters program Molecular Mechanisms of Disease (MMD) because I wanted to have a solid background for being a researcher. In my first master internship, I worked at the department of Tumor Immunology and developed novel chemically modified antibodies for targeted cancer immunotherapy. I performed my second internship in the lab of Rolf Kiessling at the Cancer Centrum Karolinska in Stockholm, where I focused my research on unraveling mechanisms of immunosuppression by myeloid derived suppressor cells in the tumor microenvironment. I recently graduated and I am happy to be back for a PhD project at TIL in the group of Martijn Verdoes. Throughout my PhD I will explore the possibilities of producing targeted anti-cancer vaccines, which hopefully can contribute to a better standard of care for cancer patients.



Together with Felix, I recently graduated from the MMD research master. In the first year of this program I performed an internship here at TIL, investigating the way chemotherapy interacts with the immune system in cancer patients. For my second internship, I went to the lab of Christian Frezza in the MRC cancer unit in Cambridge (UK) and developed new in vitro models to investigate how metabolic changes can lead to cancer formation. I am excited to return to TIL in October and start my PhD in the group of Jolanda de Vries. In my project, I will develop a computer model to understand how immune- and cancer cells interact in a tumor and how this can affect the efficacy of immunotherapy.



Unlike Felix and Inge, I followed the Master’s programme Biomedical Sciences. This Master gave me the opportunity to perform three internships in the field of oncology research. I performed my first internship at TIL, where I focused on the interaction between tetraspanin CD37 and SOCS3, and the consequences for B cell lymphoma development. Then I performed a short internship at the Department of Human Genetics at the Radboudumc. For my final internship I went to the Department Molecular Cancer Research in Utrecht for six months. I am looking forward to return to TIL in October for my PhD in the group of Annemiek van Spriel. Here, I will look at CD37-signaling and the characterization of CD37 as a novel biomarker for human B cell lymphoma.