2015: Prof. Gosse Adema received an EU Training Network grant, total 3.9M EURO

Prof. Gosse Adema from the Dept. of Tumor immunology received an EU Training Network grant, total 3.9M EURO for the Immunotherapy of Cancer called “IMMUTRAIN”. He is leading the workpackage combination of antibodies with dendritic cell therapy.

IMMUTRAIN is a training network coordinated by Prof. Stefan Endres bringing together experts in the fields of monoclonal antibodies, dendritic cells, T-cells and immunomodulatory nucleic acids with a considerable industrial involvement. The network comprises seven academic research groups and two industrial partners in a total of seven European countries. IMMUTRAIN will actively create synergies between those sectors by forming and promoting young researchers to match the challenges of immunotherapies. Particular focus will be placed on combinatorial therapies and on the new emerging field of bi-specific antibodies used to target both the tumor and the patient´s immune system.